Have you gotten up in the morning, drawn open your blinds to see a dazzling sunny day, and decided to go to the park? Or maybe the sky turned gray, sheets of rain poured down, and all you wanted was a steaming mug of tea in a cozy armchair.

The weather can influence our behavior, and it influences your consumers’ behavior, too. Savvy advertisers — us included — have begun utilizing weather data to their own advantage and refining their ads to target hyper-relevant audiences through weather-based advertising.

How does it work? With some planning and a bit of coordination with Mother Nature.

While planning a campaign that has a weather angle, consider what specific weather events would make your target audience more receptive to your content. A deluge of rain may send people searching for umbrellas, raincoats, or gutter repair. An unseasonable heat wave could have customers considering pool services, AC repair, or cold beverages on restaurant patios. We can coordinate with ad platforms to create hyper-targeted campaigns using weather data and location information — all designed to target and reach the right people at the right time.

Since these ads are contextually relevant to the audience, weather-based ads tend to have higher click-through and conversion rates compared to traditional ads. Not only that, but your ads can also be as nimble as the weather. We are able to instruct the platforms to turn them on or off as the weather changes — like when the temperature hits a certain degree or the forecast changes from sunny to cloudy skies.

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