Why working with an agency is wise.

We’ve heard it all. Every reason you may think an agency partnership is not right for your business. With decades of experience and many satisfied clients, we know the truth. Let us lay out why it actually is right for you.

1. It will free up your time.
If you think working with an agency will add more to your plate, you’d be wrong.
Having an agency partner will actually free up your time. Sure, there’s a period in the beginning where we’re learning about your business and processes, but once that’s done, we present a clear-cut strategy with specific tactics (that you approve), and we get to work implementing it. And anytime you’re bogged down with new initiatives or media reps calling you, you can easily hand them off to us to handle. We’ll take care of the details and legwork, so you’re free to think about all the other things your business requires.
2. We tackle what you don’t have time to.

Somewhere you probably have a list of ideas and initiatives you’d like to implement but never have time to get to. We can take on all those things that you can’t find time for. And if you think there’s not enough work for a full-service agency, you’d be wrong. In all our years working with clients of varying sizes, we’ve never run out of work to do because there’s always something in the future to be working toward. And not only do we have a year-long plan in place to guide us, but we’re always proposing innovative ideas and initiatives to grow your business. Plus, things pop up all the time that you need help with, and we’re here to pass those off to.

3. We’re more economical & reliable than freelancers.
Maybe you’ve considered hiring freelancers to do what needs to be done. You could. But do you really have time to find, vet, and interview each one of them? Finding a copywriter, designer, web strategist, developer, and all the others you’ll need isn’t easy and takes a lot of time — and money. But we have the core staff to handle anything you need — and on the rare occasion we don’t, we have a large network of reliable talent to call on. From photographers to printers to video editors, we have people right at our fingertips. And as your long-term partner, we don’t need you to get us up to speed like you would if you were working with a freelancer; we’re already there and knowledgeable about your business.
4. All the talent and skill are on one team.
Let’s be honest. One person is never enough to do all the things — especially if you want your marketing and advertising done well. A copywriter won’t have the design skills or technical knowledge that an art director does (even though they may say they do). A project manager won’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of the ever-changing digital landscape. When you compare the cost of hiring a full-time person to the cost of bringing in an agency partner, you’ll find an agency gets you far more for far less, including all the skilled talent in one place.
5. It’s more cost efficient than hiring internal staff.
Hiring an internal team with all the capabilities, knowledge, and experience of an agency will cost far more than having an agency partner. Think about all the people you would need to hire, train, and pay to do the work an agency can. Bringing a project manager, copywriter, graphic designer, and digital expert (to name just a few) on board will cost you more than a monthly agency retainer. We have an experienced team ready and able to help grow your business and grow with you.
6. We see things you can’t.
If you think an agency is just another vendor you don’t have time to deal with, think again. A good agency is more than a vendor. We’re a partner that learns the intricacies of your business. A team that is invested in your growth and success. An experienced group of professionals who can consult, make recommendations, and execute with very little direction. Best of all, we are not as ingrained in the day-to-day minutia you are — so we can see things in an entirely new way and from a completely different perspective.

Why we’re the perfect partner.

Ridiculously invested.

Strong, honest relationships are the backbone of our business. We work with our clients — not just for them — and become trusted partners who provide guidance, advice, insight, and endless ideas, all designed to help their business. Every member of our team is deeply invested in our clients’ success and acts as a steward of the brand, budget, and business.

We’ve perfected the process.

Decades of experience has allowed us to perfect internal processes in a way that makes us as efficient and effective as possible. And our skilled team knows all the steps it takes to get from inception through completion quickly. Whatever we’re working on, you can be sure we’ve got a well-honed, proven process for that.

All the tools are in place.

Through the years, we’ve found the smartest, most efficient tools and software that we use every minute of every day. Our internal project management tools help us outline each task and deadline for every initiative we work on – and keep them on track and on time. Our client-facing software lets you communicate with us in real time and see the progress of every initiative we’re working on.

Completely connected. Always flexible.

Our team may work remotely from wherever they live, but we’re committed to being connected. On any given day, we are constantly communicating with each other and with our clients to keep things moving forward. We intentionally cultivate an environment that makes our team’s day enjoyable and satisfying while also providing the flexibility to enjoy life outside work.

A culture of creativity.

Our team’s creativity doesn’t stop when the workday does. Here, everyone has outside interests, passions, and projects that fuel their creativity and bring them joy. We encourage their creative pursuits and celebrate all they do after hours as much as what they do during the weekdays.

Pick us as your partner.

When we work with you, you can count on Know Advertising to:

  • deliver uncommon solutions to common marketing challenges
  • develop innovative ideas that inspire people to act
  • produce exceptional creative that strikes an emotional connection
  • implement intelligent strategies that move the needle for you
  • demonstrate excellence in every way

“For over ten years, our global manufacturing group worked with Know Advertising as our full-service agency. They were always there for our needs and continuously developed conceptual strategies that were standouts in our industry. Their ability to understand our products and services and talk about them knowledgeably made trusting them with our communication strategies a breeze. We saw steady growth for the ten years that the team at Know Advertising were our partners and we owe the great brand to them.”

Ted Fairley, VP, Sales and Marketing
MST Seamless Tube & Pipe

“We opened our first restaurant over 30 years ago, but during the last decade, Roberts Restaurant Group has worked with Know Advertising as our strategic and creative partner. They have helped us refine the brands of our five restaurant concepts. In addition, Know has developed a corporate group identity that elevated the presence and status of the Roberts Restaurant Group brand. Through menus, websites, campaign development, digital and traditional advertising, Know has done a great job of communicating with our guests. They are a true partner and an integral part of our team.”

Bill Roberts, Proprietor
Roberts Restaurant Group

“Know Advertising has been an integral partner in elevating our creative and strategic execution. They have been at the forefront of driving advertising campaigns and introducing us to the best marketing technology. Certainly, this partnership has been a large part of our success.”

Nathan Hamood, President & Owner
Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters

“Before hiring Know Advertising, our marketing efforts were shortsighted. Our brand was forgettable. We asked Know Advertising to develop and execute on a forward-thinking brand strategy to help us stand out in a highly commoditized space. They delivered. The quality of their work will benefit our company for years to come.”

Daniel Egan, VP of Marketing and Customer Experience
Foris Solutions, LLC / Precision Garage Door (a neighborly company)