In today’s digital landscape, we’re constantly bombarded with irrelevant ads. That’s why it’s important to seek out innovative ways to engage with your audience that feel organic and relevant.

One way to do that? Native advertising. It’s a digital ad format we use for many of our clients, and we’ve seen great success. Best of all, its performance can be tracked.

Native ads are a form of paid media that seamlessly blend into the surrounding content. If you’re reading blogs on a website, a native ad may look like another blog post that complements what you’ve been reading.

Perhaps you’re reading an online article about home improvement projects; the native ad below it could be showing you subtle, paid content from a hardware store or a remodeling company. It pairs well with what you’re looking at initially and appears to be related. It’s subtle, but effective.

These ads are popular with advertisers like us because they can fit beautifully with content that your audience is already viewing. And most importantly, these ads tend to be contextually relevant to what the audience is already viewing — which means a higher click-through rate.

One of the most important things you need to remember about native ads is that the content — both on the ad itself and the landing page where the customer ends up — should provide value to the customer. It should inspire, educate, or entertain.

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