If you’re a CMO or a marketing manager, you may dream of assembling the perfect team, a la The Avengers. But we also know many marketing pros, especially in small to mid-size businesses and nonprofits, don’t have the superhero budget to bring their dream team to life.

What’s the solution?

Hire an ad agency and create the dream team you want — and need.

In fact, we prefer joining forces with a marketing department. An in-house marketing team brings strengths that an ad agency may lack — and vice versa.

Internal teams are ingrained in your company and already have a deep understanding of the vision. Add an agency to your trusted team and their combined efforts can be truly super. (And let’s face it: it’s easier to hire and fire an agency than an individual.)

Plus, it’s quicker and cheaper to bring on an agency rather than interviewing, hiring, and training additional internal staff. Not to mention, new employees come with the added hassle of navigating HR, health plans, 401(k)s, and so much more.

It’s a win-win: You get a truly spectacular pool of resources that doesn’t come at the expense of your budget, effort, and manpower.

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