A good partnership requires trust. A great partnership requires transparency.

In advertising and marketing, there are a lot of snake oil salespeople out there who will promise a magic fix to get you immediate results. They promise amazing return on your investment or a huge increase in leads or web traffic.

And while that instant gratification can be tempting, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate whether this is the right plan for your company or organization. Just because it worked for one client doesn’t mean it’ll work in every instance or work well for your unique business. Applying a cookie-cutter approach doesn’t take into consideration your specific challenges, opportunities and needs. A more holistic approach can achieve better results.

What’s already been done doesn’t always mean results.

When we talk with potential clients, we’re frequently asked how often we’ve worked with clients in their specific industry. That’s not always the best measure of the work we can do. Marketing and advertising expertise can be applied to any vertical, and a good agency knows this and can deliver on it.

While we have a breadth of experience and our clients vary in what they do, we find that a fresh set of eyes and a new approach can make all the difference — no matter what industry you’re in.

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