We’ve discussed how an ad agency can ensure success for a big campaign and how an internal marketing team can partner up with an ad agency to form a dream team. Now, let’s compare and contrast the differences between working with an external agency and assembling your own in-house one.

In-House vs External
First, some vocab! In-house is an emerging trend where a brand has an internal team within the company to handle its marketing and advertising needs. Think of it as another department within the company, like HR or IT.

External is a more traditional model, in which marketing and advertising work is outsourced to an outside agency (some large, some smaller) whose entire focus is exactly that: marketing and advertising. Know Advertising is an external agency, brought on as an outside expert to help companies build their brand.

What’s right for you?
Of course, this varies from company to company. Here are some questions to ask when determining what your situation calls for:

How quickly do I need to assemble a team and create results? If you need it fast, an external agency may be the way to go. They’re experienced, organized, and ready to help guide your marketing and advertising strategy. They have the team and skillset that can work for you immediately. An internal team takes much longer to find, hire, and train.

What’s the budget? If you have a bigger budget, more time, and want more control, an in-house team can be the best option. If you have a smaller budget and are worried about the cost and time necessary to bring on new employees, an external agency is probably right for you.

Do you need to hit the ground running? Are you rebranding? Have a big product launch? It takes time and a lot of effort to assemble an internal team. You have to post the job, vet candidates, interview, onboard them, etc. If you’ve got the time, payroll budget, and are okay with hiring and managing a group of newbies, an in-house team might work for you. But if you’re in a time crunch, an outside agency is ready to roll. Sure, they’ll need a short time to familiarize themselves with your brand and objectives, but they’ve got all the manpower and skills needed to hit the ground running fast.

What are your marketing/advertising goals? Think long-term and short-term. If you are planning a complete overhaul with intensive strategies, an external agency is likely the better choice. Plus, they’ll have insight into new trends. If you have some smaller, more targeted efforts or some simple tactics you’d like to do regularly, an in-house team may be more worthwhile.

In Between: Hybrid
Thinking you might need the best of both worlds? Hybrid is a solution!

Many of our clients have a small marketing department but work with us as an extension of their internal team. It really is the best of both worlds. You can rely on the expertise and experience of an agency while leaving some tasks to your internal team. And you can’t beat the collaboration!

There’s a lot to consider when deciding how to handle your marketing and advertising. Want some guidance? Reach out to Know Advertising: An Agency of Excellence. We’ll help you explore the best options for your business and budget.


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