You may be looking for ways to expand your brand’s reach without advertising. We’ve got a couple of ways to put your brand or product out there that’ll work in tandem with advertising — or on their own.

If you’re ready to take the first step but don’t want to fully commit to advertising, there are options to help get the word out about your business.

Use PR. Public relations is a fantastic stepping stone into advertising — and PR firms and ad agencies can work in tandem down the line. PR firms can be as tiny as one person or have hundreds on staff. And while working with a pro will cost money, the earned media you get is free. (With advertising, you will pay to place your ads in front of potential customers.) And sometimes, free positive press is the best promotion you can get for your business.

Tap influencers. Did you know that influencer marketing has grown 3.5x in the last couple of years? Influencer marketing is a more passive form of advertising, but the right social media influencer can help bring a unique twist to your marketing (and some new customers)! Just take your time finding the right influencer for your brand and audience, and clearly lay out expectations for KPIs beforehand.

Using influencers or public relations can prepare you to jump into larger advertising initiatives or be used in conjunction with your advertising to make an even bigger impact.

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